Software Development

Software Development

Reduce software development cost without compromising the quality.

White Wings provides Software Development services on various platforms. Our Team works like a complete solution source in your total out sourcing projects. For any project to begin, it goes through many different stages, starting with the understanding and consultation phase, followed by the design & discussion phase, the documentation phase, once it is approved by you, then development phase is pursued while simultaneously running QA testing and at the end, fine testing and fine tuning. We only enter the development phase after a UI prototype. Standard algorithm, code-reviews, walkthroughs are components of our development procedure and functional on every project.

Our project management team works with customers to understand the project end-goals. After carefully understanding the scope of the project and the project results, then a project blue print, flow chart & design mockups will be provided. Once it is approved and signed by your executive team member, only then the project will begin.

We use object oriented technique and class libraries throughout our projects. White Wing team utilizes several industry-standard development techniques and rely on several automated tools such as unit testing, regression testing, load testing, penetration testing, stress testing to deliver a high performance and bug free application.

Let us know your project requirements, our highly experienced project managers will work with you side by side to discuss ideas, design, development, support and execution.