The Client

Non Profit

The Client serves the information needs of the real estate professionals through tightly-integrated digital and print publications, live and virtual and conferences.

The Challenge

Maturing In-House Infrastructure

When White Wings approached the client, they were utilizing a physical host server running virtual machines. With a maturing in-house infrastructure (Exchange 2003, SQL 2005, and Microsoft.NET), they required platform upgrade to provide stability and security.

The Strategy

Maturing In-House Infrastructure & Moving to the cloud

Upgrading the in-house server: To migrate In-house email server to Microsoft’s Office 365 offering while providing users e-mail manageability from Active Directory. This would allow the internal IT team to concentrate supporting the critical servers, along with saving the firm money. 
Employees will continue to use current mobile devices since Office 365 allows Exchange Active Sync and Outlook Web Access as well. In-house Emails server will be decommissioned since they will no longer be needed.

The Solution

Moving from an In-house to the Cloud

  1. We started the project by installing and configuring the new physical host.
  2. Next we had to update the compatibility for remaining on-premises infrastructure to the new servers.
  3. Once the infrastructure was in place, we reviewed the customer matrix to ensure users were provided with appropriate Office 365 licenses.
  4. The e-mail migration began using advanced migration tools to set up DNS records and cut over inbound mail flow to the new accounts.
  5. Upon the completion of migration, the engineers properly deprecated MS exchange from the Active Directory, Removed Active Directory Domain roles and removed the server from Active Directory.

The Results

High Available System & Secure Infrastructure

  1. Reduced Server Footprint: The new installed in-house server requires less energy, produces less heat and reduces maintenance costs. 
  2. Physical Server Dependence Decrease: E-mail is hosted externally that lessons the load on the internally hosted server and has increased the overall stability. 
  3. Access to the latest updates: The customer is now updating the Microsoft Office suite with new available updates automatically using the Enterprise License.