Image One

Image One

Key Build-in Modules

Image One comes right out of the box with following modules, Insurance Brokerage, Air Line Tickets Management, Travel Packages, Income Tax Service Management and Miscellaneous Services management

Integrated and Accessible

It integrates multiple businesses in a centralized data base. Whether your business may need the entire roster of applications or just one, you are in total control of your operations.

Multi-office Use

Image One is not limited to one location. The applications can be managed via multiple locations while also controlled by the central office. There is no limit to the number of transactions handled by each location.

User Friendly

Each transaction needs just a few clicks. Workflow is centralized and simple and a complete transaction can be created with a minimum level of data entry. Every transaction is catalogued. Need a location production report or wish to check on all locations at once? Image One is capable of producing individual lines and combined production reports, as well as an agent’s daily, weekly, monthly and annual production reports. Multiple reports are available at any and at all times.

Information at the Ready

Image One gives users, managers and administration the information readily available to answer any questions the customer may have. At a glance, managers are equipped with the information to oversee usage and make informed decisions, as well as make necessary adjustments.

File Accessibility

Image One supports FTP transfer, XML web interfaces and built-in upload and download transaction file options.

Integration with Third Party Accounting System

MTS can be integrated with almost any type of third party Accounting System such as Peach Tree, Quick Books, MAS 90, SBT and many other types.

Accurate Accounting

Every client’s transaction is instantaneously updated and easy-to-read screens are available to answer any question the client may have. Client’s accounts may be viewed in real time, and each transaction is shown with its corresponding disbursement (check) as sent to the client’s carrier.

Database Design and Codes

Image One database is designed in Microsoft SQL as its back-end and Microsoft.Net as it's front-end. The design and the infrastructure of the Image One are fully customizable to adapt to any business needs.

Multiple Language Support

Image One allows multi-language support. With minimal effort your desire language can be added.

Centralized Administration

All servers and data are kept at the HQ premises or in a professional data center. Administrative level tasks are performed at the HQ level by using different level of security.

Supported Operating Systems

Image One is fully compatible with Microsoft SQL 2008 and latest version, Windows 2008, Windows 2012/ Windows XP/Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Responsive Correspondence

Image One issues a receipt every time a client executes a transaction and such information is the basis for the accounting and reporting system. But Image One also offers comprehensive applications that allows for managers to generate greetings, birthdays, renewals, cancellation and other correspondence for the client. At every Critical client information in the form of notes/conversations/exchanges that will serve to enhance customer service.