The Client

Fashion & Apparel Firm

The client is established fashion designer in New York City. The designer relied on local hosting solution for productivity and used old hardware to access their services. 

The Challenge

Old Technology

Client had issues scaling their business deeply rooted in their locally hosted systems and lack of new technology enabled devices. This caused problems with their connectivity to their productivity tools and overall security. Due to old technology such expired licenses, obsolete OS and discontinued hardware some devices caused remote connectivity issues and were also a hotter target for Ransomware than other devices.

The Strategy

Updating Software Systems & Simplifying Technology

The objective was to move the designer firm away from locally hosted productivity tools and updating the technology. This would make working remotely and adding future users/workstations simple and secure.

The Solution

To begin with, first upgrading hardware such as workstations, laptops and security specific networking appliances took place. Following, migration from locally hosted solution to a remote friendly and efficient cloud solution was conducted. In doing so, the systems and clients data became significantly more secure from the previous set up. 

The Results

Secure and Highly Scalable Infrastructure

Predictable Technology Budget: The designer firm does not worry about irregular fees for patching, maintenance and technology updates.

Secured Computing Environment: After the designer’s new cloud solution implementation, the designer became a Managed Service client to ensure they stay up to date and have a peace of mind with 24x7 service support.

Highly Available Systems: The designer practice’s systems and client data are secured and accessible from the cloud from anywhere with a back-up plan.