The Client

Educational Institution

The client is an educational institution that relies on technology for accounting and operations. With varying technologies implemented to service the organization’s overall needs, a centralized on-premise file/print server infrastructure is used for end user security through Microsoft’s Active Directory. 

The Challenge

Making Backups More Secure

Client’s local backup system required a manual process to ensure backup data would be cycled and maintained offsite in the event of a disaster. Responsibility relied on an internal employee to manually swap the external hard drives and taken off site during scheduled intervals.

The Strategy

Simplifying the Backup Process

  1. The objective was to remove the client’s inefficient manual backup process and replace it with an automated and secure system. To achieve this, the client would need a new system that would automate local and offsite image replication with end-to-end encryption.
  2. Recommending White Wings Backup Disaster Recovery service. We would provide the client with an advanced local and cloud based storage server with 24/7 IT support.

The Solution

Applying White Wings Disaster Recovery Plan

  1. We installed the new backup server at the customer’s location during off hours to avoid an interruption to their day-to-day business processes. 
  2. Once the system was in place, we uninstalled the conflicting backup software and installed White Wings Backup Disaster Recovery software on the server. 
  3. After completing the implementation, backups were scheduled to run every hour during business hours. We then provided additional backup verification and testing to ensure the system was functioning appropriately. 

The Results

Secure Backup and IT Support

The client optimized their recovery time objective and recovery point objective as a part of their backup strategy. The firm also gained productivity from the employee previously responsible for the organization’s offsite backups.

  1. Automatic Backups: White Wings now handles all of the client’s backup and data recovery necessities. The client no longer must dedicate time towards backups. 
  2. 24/7 Support: White Wings IT Support team is available 24/7 to assist the client with issues and emergencies.
  3. Data Security: The newly implemented system provides additional layers of security for data protection such as local, cloud and end-to-end encryption.