The Client Construction and Remodeling Firm

The client one of the top construction company in New York City. They used to have their own IT Infrastructure.

The Challenge

Old Technology

Executive Vice President was in charge operations and technology at the construction company and their. He started looking for outsourced providers to help him implement a robust system and to implement a better disaster recovery solution. Their main operation software Sage Timberline was hosted on an ageing server and has passed the support life from the vendor.

The Strategy

Migration on Cloud

The major challenge the organization was facing they cannot afford to experience downtime for more than 2 hours because of crucial application and operations performed during business hours. White Wings came up with a solution to implement phased migration of their data to the cloud.

The Solution

White Wings Planned the following strategy to perform the Migration:

  1. The first phase of migration was to take the backup of main software (Sage Timberline) and migrate to the cloud. During that time employees kept using the old system.
  2. Next phase was to take the backup all servers associated with the network and migrated to the Cloud.
  3. Migration of the all necessary tools and its implementation.

During the migration, users did not experience that the migration has been performed. Most of the migration was done overnight and data pushed to the cloud. Once fully migrated users were cut over from local servers and have given access to The Cloud. 

The Results 

Dynamic and Highly Redundant Solution

The construction firm needed a backbone which could support in all aspects and meet its requirements. The firm has a 1 Gigabit network locally the connection with the cloud was over 100 Mbs along with 50 Mbs of failover internet connection.

  1. After Implementing the Server monitoring they had not faced any denial of service or hacking attack and White Wings performed counter such attacks proactively.
  2. White Wings did all the preventive measures to keep the Firm’s network secure and always communicate on new technology consultancy.
  3. White Wings strongly believes, ‘Security is not a Destination it is a Journey’.