Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Organizations are realizing the importance of moving mission-critical applications and data to the cloud. System-wide disaster is inevitable if user e-mail accounts, user access rights and data are not properly configured for redundancy. Appropriate planning, migration to and configuration of the chosen cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and more are of absolute importance. The very first step is to properly the cloud environment. White Wings Cloud Computing virtual advisory helps businesses plan and migrate their on-premises application to cloud-based services such as Office 365, file server and more. 

After a migration to a cloud-based system, many organizations choose to apply a utility that enables users to collaborate on projects and use customized solutions that fully use the competences of remote platforms for achieving critical business goals. Utilizing a strong collaborative solution promotes a collective working environment from relatively anywhere on projects that are centrally controlled and provide secure access only to approved users. White Wings experts provide design, advisory, execution, integration and development amenities for collaboration tools. 

White Wings assist clients with the design of their user interfaces, custom development of web connections, templates and workflows to create an environment that provides a healthy platform that fundamentally changes the way staff members can work collectively. White Wings provides innovative customized solutions that help bring your employees together in a secure cloud-based environment in which they can actively collaborate on most aspects of an important corporate business.

WSynch - Cloudify File Server

White Wings offers a superior file sharing solution to maximize your file server use by migrating to the cloud with similar active directory configuration as on the local file server. This allows users to access the files from anywhere by using almost any device securely without VPN. This solution is for those who would like to have the control on their file server and access their file server remotely through the cloud. Talk to one of our specialists today for more information.