White Wings is an IT services company specializing in IT management, IT operations and IT professional services. White Wings was formed more than two decades ago by group of IT professionals to service businesses that could not meet the extremely high prices of the information technology hardware, software and ongoing maintenance. White Wings took on the challenge of providing support to its clients as an authorized partner of industry leading brands such as Microsoft, Dell, Cisco and many others. White Wings then proceeded to eliminate lengthy wait times, run arounds and other dilemmas of clients reaching out to manufacturers and region-specific support centers. White Wings has been providing Information Technology services from small to large enterprise businesses as a cohesive anchor that leverages maximum efficiency of the current IT infrastructure. Today, White Wings core values and loyalty are customer centric as opposed to technology centric. Our customers today have more services than 10 years ago, they pay less and they get better results.


White Wings provides industry-leading solutions designed to enable our client-base to grow and expand their business. White Wings approach to helping businesses achieve success through integrity, assurance, exceptional value, innovations and always “doing the right thing”. White Wings offers a “one on one” attention and value to every client with commitment to deliver exceptional customer service. White Wings enables businesses to grow through comprehensive and strategic information technology services which include: core infrastructure management using state of the art toolsets, 24x7x365 network managed services, cloud and hosting services, printer services, VOIP services, Help Desk, disaster recovery, IT consulting, business continuity and applications support.


White Wings clients are served by professionals that are among the most exceptional in the information technology industry. Our employees, known internally as team members, provide loyalty-inspiring and efficient services to businesses around the globe. Their passion and commitment ensure that we continually improve our quality, customer experience, reliability, security and cost-efficiency to better manage our client’s IT infrastructure.

One goal—serving our client's interests

Every team member comes to work every day with a single focus that is to serve only the interests of White Wings clients. To accomplish this mission, we know that we need to work together with commitment, integrity and accountability.

A supportive workplace

Through design and innovation we value the diversity of our team in all its forms, including age, cultural and socioeconomic background, family status, gender, national and regional origin, physical attributes, race, sexual orientation and religious beliefs. In fact, we know that a diverse team is crucial to the high level of service we provide to our clients.

Meet Our Team Members

Ayyaz Khan

Co-Founder & CTO

As a dynamic and target-oriented leader delivering desired results to businesses...

Zanmbera Athar

Operations Manager

Zanmbera is an operational manager at White Wings Technologies and focused on successful...

Sameera Shahzad

Marketing Director

Sameera is responsible for overseeing marketing and sales departments here at...

Owais Khan


As a magnetic and results-driven professional offering strategic solutions to businesses...

Cesar E. Coello A

Senior IT Manager

Cesar Coello, an expert in agile and waterfall project management methodologies...

Osama Khan

Director Operations

As Director of Operations Osama oversees HR, Finance, management, and legal...

Rizwan Murtaza

Director IT

As a Director of IT, Rizwan shouldered the responsibility, of industry...